Diana couture bag club

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 This year (July 2017-April 2018) Iam offering a quarterly bag club for knitters and crocheters.  Members will receive very limited edition bags, exclusive to the club. These will be designs and fabrics that are not currently offered in the shop and may never be - or may be added to the shop at a later time.  They will all be fabulous and functional!  

The club will ship in July, October, January, and April.  I will feature a bag and fun accessories that will surround a different theme for each shipment.  Sign up by June 30th to be included in the first-ever club shipment!  The cost (including shipping) is $68.50 for US Residents.  For foreign customers, please select the foreign shipping option at check-out.   

There is one shipment left in the club.  You can still sign up for the last shipment.  Your card will be charged on March 30th and there will be no recurring billing.


April - Grandma's (or Great-Grandma's - depending on your age)  cedar chest.  All things comforting, worn and well cared for.  A little nostalgic.  


July - Solar Eclipse.  The reveal is on the blog.  Check it out to see the items!

October - Paris in Autumn.  This collection gathers around classic materials and iconic themes.  Check out the blog to see this shipment!

January - Its All About Me.  After all the gift giving of December, it's time to pamper yourself a little. How about a big bag, marbled fabrics, and a unique needle keeper! Check out the blog to see what you missed!

Unique Designs

I have more design ideas than I will ever be able to put in the shop. The club gives my customers access to unique designs in a variety of styles - they will all be fabulously functional! Bags shown are examples of items in my personal collection and are shown to give an idea of the types of details to expect from the club.  These bags are not representative of what you will receive in the club.


Fun materials

One of my favorite things to do is play with materials.  Whether it is making unique pockets, surface design, machine embroidery, using old linens or recycled clothing, or unconventional materials, I love creating magic with fibers!  There will be sophisticated fabrics and more rugged fabrics as well.   



From stitch markers to cases to hold accessories and maybe even some small project kits!  All items are carefully selected to delight and inspire.