The 2019-2020 Bag Club from Diana Couture Studio

The Bags of Motivation subscription club is full!

I will be making smaller bags that go with the theme of the books each quarter. Make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook or sign up for my newsletter to know when these bags are available.

ALSO, there are book discussions and Knit Alongs related to knitting/crafting motivation happening in the Diana Couture Studio Ravelry Group. Everyone is welcome!


These bags are designed to help motivate us to be better at our craft by exploring our beliefs that impact our yarn time, encourage habits that lead to greater success in the time we have to knit (or crochet), and make us brave enough to explore our creativity and connect with other crafters. Each bag is inspired by a motivational book, which we will also read and discuss in a Ravelry group. The motivational books selected are a few of my favorites. We will be focusing on how we can use these principles in our craft, but I hope you can find other ways these can benefit your life. If you have already read the books, that is great! I have too, and love revisiting them. In the discussion group, I invite you to share the insights you have gleaned that relate to motivating us in our knitting or crocheting, or share a problem you are having with motivation and see what solutions are offered.

The bag club is in 2 parts this year. The large bags (shown below) are the first part. This has a VERY LIMITED number available. The second part is smaller bags that relate to the theme. These will be available 4-6 times during the year. The first will be in October. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about these as they are available. For the smaller bags, you will see exactly what is for sale at the time of purchase. These will be available for preorder and ship within 3 weeks (or sooner) of the last day of preorder. (I need 3 weeks to receive fabric and make bags, if I am ordering an original fabric design.) The smaller bags will average $25-30.

The cost of the Bags of Motivation Subscription Club is $119 for each shipment (4 in the year.) This includes US shipping. If you are outside of the US, please contact me for shipping rates. To join the club, click the sign-up button and fill out the form. I will send invoices through PayPal, and you will receive a recurring invoice near the end of July, October, January, and March that will be due by the first of the following month. If you have questions, please email me at


PLEASE NOTE: Illustrations of the bags are to give a BASIC idea of what the bag will look like. They in no way represent color or finished look of the bags. Fabrications, creative surface design, and possibly minor changes to the design, will be different than shown.


August 2019 -Conviction

Inspiration Book: You are a Badass - How to quit doubting yourself and get started knitting wonderful things you love. Author Jen Sincero. (Click on the book to the right to see it on Amazon!)

Bag: This bag uses a pattern that is not mine - it is the Maker’s Tote by Noodlehead (small production quantities are permitted by the designer.) It is one of my favorite bags, and I want to share it with you. There are a lot of pockets! The size is 16” wide, 13” high, and 7-1/2” deep. It is an awesome bag, loads of structure, opens wide, stands up by itself - all the things I love in a bag.

Motivation: This bag will contain symbols of at least one of the concepts discussed in the book. Your favorite motivational quote (or one I pick) will be printed in fabric for a pocket on the inside - there when you need it.

Shipping Date: Bags will ship by 8/15.


November 2019-Cultivation

Inspiration Book: Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results - An easy & proven way to build good crafting habits and break bad ones. (Click on the book to the right to see it on Amazon!)

Bag: The bag will be a Large Japanese loop bag made with a luxurious boiled wool currently in my stash. I’m thinking a base out of another fabric. The bag illustrations are concepts, and the finished bag may be different. It will have an applique technique on the boiled wool that I am super excited about. I love it already. The plan is for the bag to be 12” at the base and 16” to the top of the bag body.

Motivation: This bag’s surface design will have symbols representing the concepts in the book. Features in the bag will be added to help you develop good habits.

Shipping Date: Bags will ship by November 15.


February 2020-Creation

Inspiration Book: Big Magic, Creative Knitting Beyond Fear. Author Elizabeth Gilbert. Learn how to accept your creative self, trust your instincts, and try new things. (Click on the book to the right to see it on Amazon!)

Bag: I’m so excited about this bag! The side front pockets have elastic openings to keep things snug but allow the pockets to expand a bit for found treasures, or just your phone. The leather straps convert from backpack/sling style to a single loop. You’ll see…its exciting.

Motivation: This bag is wanting you to collect ideas and motivate you to be your best self. I don’t want to give away the cool stuff. But it is cool.

Shipping Date: Bags will ship by February 15.


May 2020 - Connection

Inspiration Book: Specific book to be determined. Author Brene Brown. Are you as obsessed with her as I am? Connection, in our bags of motivation, relates to connecting with other crafters.

Bag: I have long been fascinated with the idea of an expandable bag and have tried various ideas. This time, I am determined to make it work. Maybe snaps - that would be cool. Or a zipper, that would be ok. But what’s under the connection?

Motivation: The bag has a symbolic connection when the top and bottom come together (and a secret message in the middle.) This bag has a surface design that will give you a warm, fuzzy, cozy feel - like you get when connecting with people. Also, there is a little something to help you feel brave enough to be vulnerable and make new fiber friends.

Shipping Date: Bags will ship by May 15.


Other books I will be reading in the upcoming year for further motivation, transformation, and inspiration.

Click on the book cover to go to the info on Amazon.