Reveal! Bag Club Shipment for October


The theme for the October Bag Club was "Autumn in Paris."  I wanted a convertible bag that could be expanded to hold more.  This can be great for knitting projects, such as sweaters, as the project grows.  It can also be great for shopping!

This bag also has 2 looks.  With the top up, it is a sophisticated bag using a boucle fabric, such as Chanel uses in her famous jackets.  The bag has a vegan leather bottom and base.  

With the top folded down into a cuff, the bag sports a playful poodle print.   This print is my own design, and this version is exclusive for the club.  I am working on other versions of the knitting poodles that will be in the shop later this month!


Included with the bag were a few goodies -- a set of stitch markers, a Stitch Hoodie for 6-7" long needles, and some poodle stickers.  I also plan to make the stickers available in the shop this month.