First Bag Club Shipment reveal

By now, the bag club shipments have arrived and been unwrapped by the recipients, and I finally get to share the secret contents!  

THEME:  Solar Eclipse - its a rare event happening across the US on August 21st!  I am traveling to be in the path of totality and wanted a special knitting bag for my trip.  Whether you are in the path of totality or get to view the partial eclipse, it is an exciting event.  The two bags represent the sun and the moon and are designed to be used together or separately.

Here is what's included:

1.  A unique ring tote that uses a vintage fabric reminiscent of a moonlit garden.  The tote is easy to carry and uses the same interlining as my regular bags. Size wise, it is similar to the large Serena.  I have used mine from everything from knitting projects to a shopping bag.  It is amazing how much it will hold!  The bag club members were given a choice between "Yarn" and "Knit" for the pocket embroidery.  I chose "Knit" for mine.  The embroidery glows in the dark, and there are a couple of rhinestones on the pocket to add a starry sparkle!  Here is a pic of how the ring closure works.  Go in both side rings and then through the front ring.  As you can see from the picture, the lining is a constellation print that continues the theme and coordinates with the outer fabric.  

I had wanted to make this in a sturdy fabric for outdoors, but I had some problems and had to find a substitute.  (More on that soon.)  Anyway, I absolutely love this fabric and think it was just meant to be.  

2.  The sock-size drawstring bag is made from a silk-embroidered shawl from Rajasthan, India (bought at Tesoros Trading Co. in Austin, TX) and vintage kimono fabric for the upper bag.  The lining is a cotton tone-on-tone sunflower print.  The fabrics are exquisite, and I don't think my camera captured how lovely this bag really is!  If making a larger project, I envision this drawstring bag acting as a yarn holder in the tote.  

3.  A 5-6" Stitch Hoodie in the constellation fabric with glow-in-the-dark snaps!  

4.  Stitch Markers, set of 3.  The round one glows in the dark.  Two are rings and one is a progress marker.  

5.  Forever Stamp.  This is the first USPS stamp that features heat-sensitive technology.  Put your finger on the eclipse, and it reveals the moon's surface beneath.  

6.  Sun Tea recipes to prepare and enjoy while watching the eclipse.  

I also included some ideas for eclipse-related projects (knit and crochet) that I found on Ravelry.  I haven't picked a project for the trip yet.  Any ideas?

I kept this first theme a secret, as I didn't want any preconceived ideas based on the theme. However, the remaining themes will be posted on the bag club page.  Check them out!  I'm excited about what is in store for the future shipments.  

Go to the homepage here at Diana Couture Studio to read more and find out the themes for the next 3 shipments!  For more pics, check out SewsandKnits on Instagram and

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