How I use my Diana Couture Interchangeable Needle Case

I recently acquired a second set of interchangeable needles.  I am SOOOOO EXCITED about the Knitter's Pride Zing needles.  They are wonderful to work with.  A huge bonus for me is the cables fit all the needle tips in the Dreamz set I already own, as well as the smaller sizes of Karbonz tips.  As the needle tips all use the same cables, it makes it very easy to keep them all in one case.  


I use my smaller size needles much more frequently than I do the larger ones, so I arranged my case to hold my smaller tips on the outside and the larger ones on the inside.  I do have some extra Dreamz tips in some of the sizes, and I needed 2 pockets when I added the Zings into the case.  You can see I need to buy some more cardstock to print new size labels.  

You may know that a email a PDF of the size inserts when a case was purchased.  However, I have now uploaded the inserts for the interchangeable and circular cases to the Freebies section here on this website!  It is easy to arrange the needles to best suit your needs, and you can reprint the inserts at any time!  


image1 (2).jpeg

On the inside, I am using two pockets for the size 9, and I have 1 empty tip pocket.  I have 23 PAIRS of tips in this case.   There are also 3 cable size pockets on the inside, opposite to the tip pockets.  Those are empty in my case right now.  I may move some of the extras that come with the sets to those pockets.  I like keeping a needle sizer in my circular and my interchangeable cases.  The size is written on the needles, but on the Dreamz, they are getting worn off and hard to read.  

image2 (1).jpeg

The PDF for the interchangeable case has inserts for the cable length as well, but I don't have those in the case in this picture.  Honestly, I usually grab a cable I think will work.  I am going to double check the lengths and get the inserts back in!

I have one Signature interchangeable circular needle.  However, I know for me, it would be misery keeping up with all the cables (not to mention the expense).  However, those were my favorite needles before the Knitter's Pride Zings.  I couldn't be happier with these needles, and the way they work with my other cables and how well they fit in my case!  

Many of the cases I make are custom orders.   If you don't see something in the Etsy shop you love, message me for fabric options so you can have a case you can cherish for years  to come!