January Bag Club Details

January is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and goal setting for the new year.  Many knitters set knitting goals for the year, and planning projects is such a fun thing for most of us! The theme for January was "All About Me," with an emphasis on things that start with the letter M and will help to achieve knitting goals for the year.

The bag is a hybrid, the size of the largest Zippopotamus and the Morningside but with a flap like the Serena.  No zippers and less expensive than the original Morningside.  


The fabric for this bag is a Merchant & Mills marbled print.  I was so excited to be able to offer this beautiful fabric to the bag club members.  These fabrics from England are not widely available.  Fortunately, I live in Dallas where my fabric store, Tissu, is the only stockist in Texas! Also, they can special order if they don't have the print I want in stock.  I really love the coordinating fabric I paired with the marbled print.  I am knitting a sweater and have been carrying it in this bag.  It is definitely sweater size!

I will be offering this bag, with a modification, as the new Morningside.  As I mentioned, it is the same size as the Morningside but without some of the pricier features that make the current version more expensive.  

Here is a version of the current Morningside that I donated as a raffle prize for the Happy Knit Year event hosted by the  Dallas Hand Knitters' Guild.  This bag uses felted wool for the bottom, vegan leather for the base,  and a felted  wool applique featuring the DHKG's logo.  The strap is also a very nice adjustable strap (purchased, not made by me.)  All the extra features, including the double pocket I usually put on the back of these bags and the metal snaps, makes this more expensive.  This bag retails for $110. 


Here are pictures of the Stitch Hoodie sent with the January bag.  I used felted wool for the outer fabric and cotton for the inner.  It is a different construction, and I love the feel of the felted wool and the function of the needle keeper!


IMG_8224 (1).JPG
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